Friday, May 28, 2010


order ni pulak dari Kak Ayu.

sempena Wesak Day kot. i mean, cuti Wesak Day so the whole family will be back in Penang so i assume ni untuk little family occasion la kot. hehe

going to deliver them this evening. so hope you'll like it!

Thanks Kak Ayu!

newly wed

first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to my old friend in SMKDOB for her wedding day. wahh ta sangka kawan2 ku sudah ade yang berkahwin. saye bile lagi? hehe

eiha asked for pink, black, white and silver theme. but i searched high and low for the silver coloring. unfortunately, it was no where to be found. ade manik2 silver tu je la. so i asked her if its ok with me replacing it with gold and she was definitely fine with it.

i hope you liked it.

final packaging, ready to go. all the way to Tasek Gelugor.

sorry quality picture ta bagus sbb amek gune handphone. hee

Thanks Eiha and Selamat Pengantin Baru! =))

jiran sebelah

hehe. mcm pernah npk je nama "jiran sebelah" tu kat chatbox. hehe

my jiran sebelah rumah ordered 25 cupcakes.

actually, if you had noticed, ade satu cupcake dah ilang in the picture. funny thing is, i lupe na ambik gamba cupcakes ni sebelum bagi kt my neighbour. because i went out right after i have finished her cupcakes. bile balik rumah baru teringat ta ambil gamba lg. lucky me die ta makan banyak lagi. so she had to bring back the cupcakes to my house for me to snap its picture.

hehe sorry Kak Ros! =))

hope that you liked it. thanks Kak Ros!

2nd cousins

so i promised my little 2nd cousin a dozen of cupcakes for her UPSR. she was like, "kak nadiah, na cupcakes" and so i told her, "5a's for UPSR you'll get a dozen of them".

tp budak2 zaman sekarang ni pandai pulak na buat deal segala. so she asked me, "what about ujian pertengahan tahun? half a dozen ok? deal?" haha. comel ta?

so since that itu ari baking ade banyak sangat extra cupcakes, i decided to give them to the rest of my 2nd cousins too. one for each one of them. and my mom asked me to write all of the names on it. tapi of course it was supposed to be for Iffah for her UPSR thingy. but alang2 kan, kire macam tester la. mane tau lepas ni boley la order. hehe

so yeah, enjoy the cupcakes. IKHLAS from me.

Mama's corner

Carrot Cake with Walnut and Almond topped with yummy cream cheese!

tempting isnt it?

one of Mama's most favorite of all time.

RM75 / 1.5kg.



Vanilla cupcakes for Umai's aunt.

honestly, it was my first time doing vanilla flavor. all these while it has been chocolate all the time. so i hope my vanilla does not suck that much.

9 medium cupcakes for RM23.

thanx Umai and Auntie Umai. =))

testing testing 1 2 3

order ni dtg dari Sara, adik Naim yg comel. die ckp die na try dlu my cupcakes so she ordered both flavors and sizes.

design? ikut kreativiti kak nad la katenye.

sorry sgt Sara. time ni kak nad mcm ta brape na kreatif sgt. so mcm ni je la yg kak nad buat. next time Sara order kak nad wat yang spesel pny ok?

anyways, thanks SARA!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthday boy

order kali ni pulak datangnya drpd junior i kt Dato Onn dulu.

cupcakes yang ditujukan kepada adik lelaki die maybe yang berumur 17 tahun.

so die macam, ta kisah la mcm mane pun design die asalkan sesuai untuk budak lelaki umur 17thn. so i was like, ape je ea lelaki ni suke?

since she asked for 4 combination of colors (blue, green, white and pink) so i came up with a little bit of grass and of course, ape lah lelaki without football right? i know she didnt asked for black but i thought it would be nice to do a little bit of soccer ball right there.

takkan la na buat bola warna pink an? hehe

i was running out of idea really. kalu perempuan senang sket. wat love, flowers pun da cukup.

i tried to lukis Playstation punye controller tu tapi ta jadi... benci gile.. nampak cacat sgt. mule2 i ta tabur pun sprinkle tu tapi nampak sgt bare so i decided to tabur a little..

anyhow, i hope you like it. and i hope your brother didnt think its too girlish or what so ever.

btw, thanks Fatin!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a present for the love birds

a box of cupcakes for the soon-to-be-wed cousins.

no.not my cousins mind you. hehe

this order came from Aunty June through her daughter Raina.

since that this customer of mine is not fussy and picky at all and gave me the honour to decide on the designs, so i came up with this garden-inspired theme for the engagement gift.

and say hello to the final packaging.

Thanks Aunty June and Raina!

happy birthday

well this order right here came from a customer whom requested her identity to be kept undisclosed.

birthday cupcakes with the theme : colorful.

and here is the final packaging.

thanks Miss A!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


since i couldnt find the Large souffle cups anywhere in Penang YET, i shall not be taking any orders for the Large portion until i find a shop that actually sells them in Penang.

Thank You!

i love you

these cupcakes were ordered by my bestie Umai.

she didnt demand on any theme or design because it was for the eating pleasure only. oh you're having your sweet tooth no?

so these are what i came up for her.

Thanks Umai!!

// oh she'll be placing another order for next month. yayy!

a gift

since that i'll be leaving UUM for good, i've decided to bake a few cupcakes for my friends that i wont be seeing anymore for, at least the next 4 months before my internship ends.

it was just a simple chocolate chip cupcakes with buttercream icing.

but the thought that counts right?

miss you all my friends!


this next order came from my Aunt from Kulim.

she wanted 5 boxes of 4 Large cupcakes with the theme : Kids.

it was a souvenir for the VIPs during one of the launching event at the Tabika Perpaduan, Pulau Pinang.

she loved it!

Thanks Aunty!

first order

well, my very first order was back in February during my friend's engagement.

it was a last-minute call actually. she needed an extra of 50 cupcakes for the doorgift. so yeah, another friend called me up and asked me if i could do them the favor.

so yeah i did.

50 chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing.

the theme color for the engagement was pink and white. but she said it was ok with a little bit of green so this was what i came up with.

click to read : mission

thanks Huda and Ika!


and this one right here is a little bit special and i did it exclusively during Fatin's sleepover.

its strawberry cupcake with cheese topping.


however, i didnt put it in the menu for it's high cost. im not sure if anyone would want to order this but anyhow, if anyone is interested with these yummy strawberry cupcakes, do let me know.

ill definitely try to work on it.

a little bit something from the past...

these are amongst the cupcakes that i have baked before, just for the pleasure of baking. and i always ended up giving these cupcakes to friends.

and they loved em!


hi all!

im quite new in this area. sure i have been baking for quite some time already but i have never planned on having it commercialized. i mean, i have been taking orders from friends and family before but i thought, that was just it. im not going to start on a business or so. but then, it technically begins with a little encouragement from my parents and friends who has been getting a lot of my "free" cupcakes and so i though, why not right?

so since that i have finished my 3 years study and the fact that i will be at home doing practically nothing at all (except for my internship which is going to start in June) so i decided to take up this business to kill the time.

oh just so you know, i am really an amateur. i have NEVER been to baking classes before. i learned everything from youtube and books. and my mom of course. so please forgive me for the imperfections and flaws.

and yeah, thank you for the support!