Wednesday, May 19, 2010


hi all!

im quite new in this area. sure i have been baking for quite some time already but i have never planned on having it commercialized. i mean, i have been taking orders from friends and family before but i thought, that was just it. im not going to start on a business or so. but then, it technically begins with a little encouragement from my parents and friends who has been getting a lot of my "free" cupcakes and so i though, why not right?

so since that i have finished my 3 years study and the fact that i will be at home doing practically nothing at all (except for my internship which is going to start in June) so i decided to take up this business to kill the time.

oh just so you know, i am really an amateur. i have NEVER been to baking classes before. i learned everything from youtube and books. and my mom of course. so please forgive me for the imperfections and flaws.

and yeah, thank you for the support!