Sunday, June 27, 2010


order ni dari school mate i kt Dato Onn dulu.

8 friends.

rase2 dorg wat utk picnic kot. hee

thanks Fara!! =))


so my friend Syasya dari Kuantan ordered these cupcakes untuk boyf die pnye birthday.

boyf die ade kt USM.

since she couldnt be there on her boyf's bday, she decided to order these cupcakes and make a little surprise for her cowok.

so happy belated birthday Ardo and thanks Syasya.


old neighbour

kitorg punye jiran lama, Aunty Nor and family dtg melawat baru-baru ni. mama was very excited about the visit that she told me to make these little extra for Aunty Nor and family.

but unfortunately, they came on a weekday so i ta sempat na jumpe. =((

anyways, ni la Box of 16 for Aunty Nor and family. i hope they liked it.

waka waka

so order ni dari kawan practical i,hanim punye kawan. haa. cmne tu? hehe.

kawan die ni na bertunang. so since skrg ni mcm tgh demam bola an, so die requested for Argentina pnye jersey with their names on it.

and of course, bola. hehe
thanks s. nafisah.

and selamat bertunang =))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

watsup doc?

Mak Ipi order carrot cake with cream cheese topping ni untuk birthday adik bongsu Ipi last sunday.

kebetulan pulak hari tu fathers day jugak. so aunty lupe na pesan suru tulis fathers day.

but die ckp tape sbb i da buat da. hehe..

thanks Aunty Che Zan and Ipi =))

and Happy Belated Birthday to Danial.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 designs

order ni dr facebook.

die mentak na butterfly yg terbang ke kiri and ke kanan.

and of course, 4 sets of love.

and yes, cupcakes ni baru siap tadi. and belum deliver pun lagi. esok pagi baru na pegi deliver.

hope that she will like it.

anyways, thanks Sara, in advance.

Mak Ipi

ipi ordered 12 medium cupcakes for his mother's birthday.

tulis abes sme name anak2.


Happy Belated Birthday Aunty Zan. (da celebrate kat ofis aritu.hehe)

thanx Ipi!

bday imok

haha. ini special punye cupcakes from my regular customer merangkap best friend.

sebab orang yang order tu dtg and tlg buat 2 biji sendiri. konon2 na ade personal touch la for orang yg special ni.

kalu terror cube cari yang mane yg ade personal touch si pembeli tu?

anyways, glad that my bestie pnye partner loved it.. seronok bile dpt buat orang happy.

thanks Bestie!! =))

last minute order

Kak Nina, officemate i yang baru2 ni kahwin memang da lame na cari cupcakes.

aritu waktu reception kat side lelaki, die mmg na cari tapi agaknye ta jumpe kot. ta sure la pulak die dpt ke ta. tapi cantik je timing i masuk wat internship kat situ and die pulak na buat reception kat side perempuan.

so a day before die na balik kampung untuk reception tu, die baru dpt tau yg i jual cupcakes.

alhamdulillah, rezeki lagi.

Kak Nina na something brownish sebab baju diorg Brown kot.

so die pilih laa design2 yang die na n ordered 10 single boxes cupcakes untuk hantaran.

die ckp comel and sayang na makan. hehe.

jangan sampai ta makan pulak ea kak? hehe

thanks Kak Nina!

happy anniversary

mule2 dapat order ni, tgk name si peng"order" (ade ke ayat tu? haha) ni mcm kenal.

so bile pegi deliver kat die itu ari, mmg confirm la kenal. i mean, kitorg same matrik dlu. tapi ta knal personally pn la...

cupcakes ni utk Boyf die. and utk anniversary diorg la of course. die mentak i lukis that green octopus.. sorry if its a bit messy...

anyways, glad that they liked it!

nanti boley order lagi untuk next anniversary. hehe

thanks Riemma!!


i made a few cupcakes for my officemates. you know, promotion. hehe.

truth be told, they all seemed very excited to see the cupcakes. macam kanak-kanak dapat gula2.

glad that they loved it.

double 4

order ni dtg drpd Lyana yg datang all the way from KL. i mean, she didnt came all the way for the cupcakes of course. hehe. die ade kerja kt Penang so she found my blog through the net that she decided to order some.

plus, die mmg tgh mencar cupcakes pn.

so die ade mintak 2 set.

these are the sets.

Good Luck Set

I Love You Set

glad that you liked it.

Thanks Lyana!

chocolate cakes!!


.... strawberry on top

..... almond flakes on top

or simply

writing and design...

Ipi's mother birthday celebration at the office.. (ordered by Kak Nani)



i have been very busy with works lately that i kept on delaying my supposed-to-be-updated-last-week's posts.

so are you ready to be bombarded with lots of cupcakes images??


Sunday, June 6, 2010


so i received an order the other from someone whom her family name sounded quite familiar to me.

when i told mum in the car before delivering the cupcakes to the buyer, she was like, "heeyyy it could be that the father is my cousin."

and it turns out, yes it was her cousin.

small world ea?

his daughter whom ordered these cupcakes from me, found my blog in the internet. well look how internet connects everyone. i have never known about these (literally) relatives of mine neither did she.

so back to the cupcake business, she ordered these cupcakes untuk birthday 2 orang lelaki berumur 24tahun.

so i came up with this typical idea of football, with a little bit of jersey with the number 24 representing their age, guitar and something that was supposed to be a watch which turned out to be a clock. lolz. and oh yeah, music notes since guys are into these things right?

so yeah, the jerseys, i didnt mean to draw a ManCity jersey over there. i mean, i dont even know if those guys are MC fans. but since that she asked for these colors and so Man City it is then.

takkan na jersey pink pulak an?

hehe. well i hope you liked it.

thanks a bunch!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

birthday adik kepada adik

since tuan punye cupcakes belum mengutip cupcakes ni lagi, so i chose not to publish this entry yet. sebab mane la tau tibe2 adik2 kepada Adeq ni terjumpe plak my blog maka kantoi lah.

and by the time you're reading this, i supposed the cupcakes are with Adeq already, safe and sound. hee

so Adeq ordered these cupcakes for her younger sis and bro. all the way from Nilai ok?

since kakak is back to SP, so kakak la yang akan deliver the cupcakes to them nanti. sweet la Adeq and kakak ni.

Adeq suruh letak bola sepak and basketball. and anything sesuai untuk girls.

so ni lah die cupcakes nye. hope you guys liked it.

thanks kakak zati and Adeq!