Friday, May 28, 2010

2nd cousins

so i promised my little 2nd cousin a dozen of cupcakes for her UPSR. she was like, "kak nadiah, na cupcakes" and so i told her, "5a's for UPSR you'll get a dozen of them".

tp budak2 zaman sekarang ni pandai pulak na buat deal segala. so she asked me, "what about ujian pertengahan tahun? half a dozen ok? deal?" haha. comel ta?

so since that itu ari baking ade banyak sangat extra cupcakes, i decided to give them to the rest of my 2nd cousins too. one for each one of them. and my mom asked me to write all of the names on it. tapi of course it was supposed to be for Iffah for her UPSR thingy. but alang2 kan, kire macam tester la. mane tau lepas ni boley la order. hehe

so yeah, enjoy the cupcakes. IKHLAS from me.