Monday, July 26, 2010

special punye

this order bley dikategorikan sbg SANGAT SPECIAL because org yang order ni paid more than half of the price of the cupcakes only for delivery.

so ini special delivery untuk bff mereka, Raihan yg birthday die supposedly da lepas time bulan 5 aritu. kire delayed bday celebration la.

khas untuk Raihan, kawan2 die sanggup pegi kt Alor Star and paid for my travelling fares semata2 untuk surprise die. sweet gile dapat kawan2 mcm ni.. =))

glad that you guys liked it.

Thanks girls!! =))

cute girl

order ni pulak drpd classmate Umai yang sangat CUTE!

die blaja kat UiTM Arau. tapi die balik Penang last weekend so she ordered these 6 cuppies for herself and her bffs.

chocolate cuppies with both ganache and cream cheese topping.

thanks cutie =))


ok. this order pulak dtg dr Sabrina yang ive never known bfore. so die na order cuppies untuk engagement somebody. at first, diorg mintak i lukis gamba elephant. and i was very confident that i can draw an ellie on the cuppies. BUT unfortunately, on the day yang i na buat cupcake ni, i terpaksa waste byk sgt masa and icing untuk draw ellie ni. last2 mmg ta jadi.

i felt guilty tho. but i have to be honest with her la kan? nasib baik la die memahami and told me to lukis flowers and hearts instead. so i gave her bouquets! hehe

ade lagi 11 biji cuppies yang letak dlm single boxes but unfortunately, i lupe na snap the pictures. but the designs are like these la.

and then die ade order lg tambah 25 biji untuk makan2 punye purposes.

so thanks a lot Sabrina!

and im deeply sorry bout the Ellies. i felt very guilty and frust jugak sbb ta dpt na tunaikn permintaan my customer. hopefully you wont feel offended or anything la about that ok?

thanks again =))

junior kakak

cupcakes ni junior kakak yang order. die cakap die kenal kakak. =))

untuk birthday adik die.

die cakap adik die suke fairytales. so mcm tatau na wat cmne so i buat la ade star2 tu sme.

hehe. glad that you liked it.

thanks Nunu! =))

kak ija

order ni dari kak ija.

Orange with Poppy Seed Cupcake with Cream Cheese Topping.

thanx kak Ija!

hello new friend

new on the menu!

Butter cake with Blueberry and Chocolate Filling

RM50 (with walnut and strawberry)

American Brownies with Almond and Hazelnut
(optional : cheese topping)

RM70 (chocolate /cream cheese topping)


ni pulak order drpd of course my very regular customer, Umai. die pun last minute order gak ni. same mcm Ika. hehe

die na makan saje2 punye. and na bawak blk Arau. bagi kt Boyf die. hehe

thanks bebeh =))


ini last minute order dr Ika.

untuk birthday kawan die kat Sri Iskandar.

tema die, Garden. =))

and Ika ade order another box of 12 jugak untuk bagi kawan2 die rase.

thanks Ika! =))

birthday abah

order ni pulak dari customer i yang pernah order dah before this untuk birthday adik die. now untuk birthday abah die pulak.

the theme is, suke hati i na buat ape2 pun.

so i came up with this la.

glad that you like it. thanks dear. =))

all the way from ipoh

a girl from Ipoh yang order cupcake untuk boyf die yang happens to be staying at my housing area.

what a small world.


thanks Syaza

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


order kali ni pulak dari Senior i dari sekolah rendah dulu. facebook ni mmg helpful when it comes to connecting with the old friends. Kak Zana ni senior i kat SKTS dlu. kitorg same2 menari wakil sekolah. (ye dahulu kala saya seorg penari sila jgn ketawa pls)

so Kak Zana mungkin ternampak gamba cuppies yg i tag kt org2 pnye fb n she sent me a message thru FB la. i recognized her right away but she only recognized me after i called her Kak Zana.

well i thought i did changed a little no? hehe

so back to the cupcake story, die order ni untuk birthday fiance die.

and yes, she loved it! glad that she did.

anyways, thanks Kak Zana!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Miss Sarah dari KL order cupcakes ni untuk bagi kt boyf die kt Penang ni.

konon2 na wat surprise suruh i pura2 ckp na jumpe boyf die na bg barang. tp terkantoi sudah sbb boyf die da tau da pasal cupcake ni.. Sara cakap boyf die byk reporters tu la pasal. ehhe.. yang kau pegi tulis kt fb sape suruh? kan da kantoi. hehe

anyways, thanks babe for the order and to Mohd Aslam, makan lah kau! haha

mumu lati

order ni dr one of my bestie jugak. all the way dr SP.

untuk birthday cik abang dollah dia. hehe. bukan la. jauze nama dia. oopss..


thanks abang Dollah, eh Ummu.


order ni untuk doorgift Majlis Akikah baby Kak Long, baby Muiez yang cute!!

the first time i met baby Muiez, he was wearing an Arsenal rompers. cute bena! geraammmmm!

the order was being made by lovely Sara. she even gave me a description on how she wanted the designs to be. senang keje i. hehehe

i tried to find a blue box but unfortunately, there's only yellow and pink box for cupcakes. so i thought, yellow would be more appropriate for baby boy right?

thanks to Sara and family. sorry couldnt make it to your house on Saturday. something else came up on that day.

300 cupcakes in one and a half day.