Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthday boy

order kali ni pulak datangnya drpd junior i kt Dato Onn dulu.

cupcakes yang ditujukan kepada adik lelaki die maybe yang berumur 17 tahun.

so die macam, ta kisah la mcm mane pun design die asalkan sesuai untuk budak lelaki umur 17thn. so i was like, ape je ea lelaki ni suke?

since she asked for 4 combination of colors (blue, green, white and pink) so i came up with a little bit of grass and of course, ape lah lelaki without football right? i know she didnt asked for black but i thought it would be nice to do a little bit of soccer ball right there.

takkan la na buat bola warna pink an? hehe

i was running out of idea really. kalu perempuan senang sket. wat love, flowers pun da cukup.

i tried to lukis Playstation punye controller tu tapi ta jadi... benci gile.. nampak cacat sgt. mule2 i ta tabur pun sprinkle tu tapi nampak sgt bare so i decided to tabur a little..

anyhow, i hope you like it. and i hope your brother didnt think its too girlish or what so ever.

btw, thanks Fatin!