Sunday, August 29, 2010

choc ganache!

ordered by Zati

igt lg ta special delivery to Alor Star aritu utk my frends frm UUM? diorg order lg skali. and this time, they've ordered choc cuppies with choc ganache topping. and tema die, OTAI utk kwn diorg Idy yg otai.
tp this time anta kt SP je. dekat sikit. hehe

thanks girls for the order!

Ordered by Zera

order ni pulak dtg dr my old schoolmate dlu. untuk birthday ibu die.

since ade xtra strawberries kt uma, so i pn letak la 2 biji kt situ. he

thanks zera!

Ordered by Ninie

ni pulak order drpd Ninie.

die mintak i deliver to her boyf's house which is a fren of mine punye adik.

but die ta dpt na merasa. tape babe, nanti order lg ok? =))
thanks Ninie!