Monday, July 26, 2010


ok. this order pulak dtg dr Sabrina yang ive never known bfore. so die na order cuppies untuk engagement somebody. at first, diorg mintak i lukis gamba elephant. and i was very confident that i can draw an ellie on the cuppies. BUT unfortunately, on the day yang i na buat cupcake ni, i terpaksa waste byk sgt masa and icing untuk draw ellie ni. last2 mmg ta jadi.

i felt guilty tho. but i have to be honest with her la kan? nasib baik la die memahami and told me to lukis flowers and hearts instead. so i gave her bouquets! hehe

ade lagi 11 biji cuppies yang letak dlm single boxes but unfortunately, i lupe na snap the pictures. but the designs are like these la.

and then die ade order lg tambah 25 biji untuk makan2 punye purposes.

so thanks a lot Sabrina!

and im deeply sorry bout the Ellies. i felt very guilty and frust jugak sbb ta dpt na tunaikn permintaan my customer. hopefully you wont feel offended or anything la about that ok?

thanks again =))