Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wedding door gift

this order came from Ain @ Yong all the way from SP for her Aunt's wedding.

kitorg at first igt die yg na kawen. tapi rupe2nye aunty die yg na kawen. tersedak die ble Mama tanye wedding die tu bile. hehe.

120 cupcakes for door gift.

die ade pilih 5 designs

tapi disebabkn masa sangat suntuk sbb i blk kerja je terus buat sampai pukul 1 pagi, so gambar yang disnap dlm keadaan tergesa2 and tangan yang berminyak2 ta berapa na tinggi kualitinya. chewah.. nasib baik Mama and Abah was there to help. i mean, they have always been a great help to me. i love you both!

Mama yg tlg bake the cupcakes ikut my recipe then she made the icing and all and when i came back home everything was ready for me. i just had to do the design and sapu base je.

and oh. Raina and Kak Elia was there to help with the packagings jugak. so thanks to them jugak. ehee

mesti la kene mencapapkan url blog di situ ye demi meng"kembang"kan business. hee

Abah had to go through all the hassles of cutting these little piece of papers and sticked them on the box, one by one. kesian Abah. sampai flu lepas tu. hee

well Yong, i hope you and your Aunt liked it.

Thanks Alot!