Sunday, June 6, 2010


so i received an order the other from someone whom her family name sounded quite familiar to me.

when i told mum in the car before delivering the cupcakes to the buyer, she was like, "heeyyy it could be that the father is my cousin."

and it turns out, yes it was her cousin.

small world ea?

his daughter whom ordered these cupcakes from me, found my blog in the internet. well look how internet connects everyone. i have never known about these (literally) relatives of mine neither did she.

so back to the cupcake business, she ordered these cupcakes untuk birthday 2 orang lelaki berumur 24tahun.

so i came up with this typical idea of football, with a little bit of jersey with the number 24 representing their age, guitar and something that was supposed to be a watch which turned out to be a clock. lolz. and oh yeah, music notes since guys are into these things right?

so yeah, the jerseys, i didnt mean to draw a ManCity jersey over there. i mean, i dont even know if those guys are MC fans. but since that she asked for these colors and so Man City it is then.

takkan na jersey pink pulak an?

hehe. well i hope you liked it.

thanks a bunch!